Entrepreneurship policy

Gopinathji IMPEX leads entrepreneurship with our valuable buyer & seller who can want to business with collaboration and contract (agreement) base in huge variety of our products, your express interest shall be highly appreciated. It may fastest development business for both & beneficial as well. Person can take this opportunity who having a company or without company (individual) they may enroll with our entrepreneurship policy.

(*) mandatory to provide
1. *Nationality proof
2. Income source / Capital ( if applicable)
3. Bank statements -6 month (if applicable)
4. Two Credit latter your country’s nationality person ( if applicable)
5. *Covering latter of express interest in business (There is must having strong reason to do. - it may written in your words.)
6. *Name, Date of birth, Contact. No, Email, Current add, Experience (Resume).
All the scanned documents and information mail to go_impex@hotmail.com & info@goimpex.in

For your ready reference & if you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to write me. Should you need any Information, Clarification? Feel free to contact us.

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